New Discoveries

Termite queen

Traveling through the ear canal, the party cuts their way through several small groups of termites. Ghesh is able to resist the urge of using fire magic when surrounded by wood. At the end of the tunnel is a large cranial cavity. Wooden gears and a fleshy brain inhabit largest volume in this cavity. Surrounding the gears are small groups of termites that are feeding on the strong heartwood that makes up the floor. Eventually the group slashes their way to the queen of this colony. She puts up a good fight, but eventually succumbs to Lunaris’ blade. Sardis decides to fashion a backpack out of her head.

On the way out the party is ambushed by another group of termites. Sardis tries to use the queen’s head as a mechanism to force the termites to surrender. Ghesh can’t resist the use of fire magic any longer. In a split second, Treebeard’s ear canal is on fire. Loud screams of agony reverberate through the tunnel as the giant treant reacts to the burning pain. The party dutifully puts of Ghesh’s flames and then leaves the ear.



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