New Discoveries

The adventure begins

Carter Quinn at the Office of National Affairs randomly chose 5 adventurers to investigate the delayed shipment of metal ore from Stonehand. He offered them each 25 gold to report back to him in two weeks. Carter also gave you a map of the known world.

After leaving the city gates, Lunaris spotted 3 humanoid figures pursuing the group. When he shared this with the others, Korvas and Ghesh realized that these men are members of the Red Hand Gang. Everybody took off down a dirt road while Sardis decided to distance himself from the others. The gang members catch up to the group and engage their fleeing targets. The group easily dispatched their foes once Sardis revealed a Punishing Eye.

On the second day outside of Mirnan, the group encountered Orek Thundrig and his caravan destined for the capital city. Orek explained that mysterious woodland creatures have been attacking the mining operations and sabatoging equipment. From the Orek’s description, the group realized that the creatures are Wilden. These creatures are why the shipment has been delayed. Orek encourages the group to continue on to Stonehand to talk to Ulfar Nordek. As the caravan leaves their line of site, Ronin keenly notices a bit of Sardite poking out from under the last covered wagon. Why is there Sardite in the metal ore caravan?

The second and third day passed uneventful until they reached Thandol around dusk. Gradak Dragonsbane meets with the group, but clearly doesn’t like the dragonborn entering his town. After some negotiation, the travellers are able to stay at the local inn while the Hammerwing Brothers sleep outside in the stable.

After leaving Thandol behind them, the adventurers entered into Caladan Forest. The thick trees leave the forest floor dimly lit, even in the noon hour. The party stopped for lunch around a campfire and a quick nap, only to be ambushed by local spiders. A fierce battle ensued, almost everybody suffering from spider poison. The spiders were defeated, though Korvas fell unconscious.

Next up: The final steps to Stonehand. What will Ulfar Nordek have to say about the Wilden?



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