New Discoveries


After saving the prisoners, Sardis chooses to study the great tree while everybody else chooses to make camp. The next morning, the group finds Sardis sleeping amongst the magic crystals and a bunch of chalk scribble on the wall. Everybody breaks camp and heads back to Mirnan. Carter Quinn listens to the information that the party shares and promises to check in on the Sardite puzzle. In the meantime, Carter offers another job, capture Lord Vaako. Vaako is wanted for several terrorist activities in years prior, and has been eluding authorities in the Timberline Forest. After gathering information and supplies, the party heads out towards Vaako.

While trying to find an ancient ruined tower, the party stumbles upon a treant who seems to be having a painful headache. They cautiously approach him and discover that he has a termite problem. Treebeard begs for help to rid him of these pests. By making up a shrinking potion, the adventurers can enter Treebeard’s ear canal to battle termites. Before helping him though, they need to find Ghostshrooms to make the elixir. Two large grizzly bears block access to the reagent, though the party makes short work of them. Korvas ate well that night.

The party makes their potions and shrinks to the right size. Treebeard lifts them up and dumps them into his ear. From their, the party is on their own…



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