Korvas Hammerwing

A dragonborn paladin


One of the Hammerwing Brothers, recently escaped from Dattus Filus. He is new to the free world and wants to stay free, so contract work eliminating evil from the world seems like a good way to make a living.

His dragonbreath is frost. He feels that is a sign that he is a divine implement of Bahamut, along with his natural talent as a paladin. He seeks to channel and emulate the Platinum Dragon in all ways, and to become more like Bahamut is his deepest desire. He has no desire for riches for himself, but seeks powerful artifacts to use in service of Bahamut’s will. Material possessions other than the implements of his trade mean little. Those few things he does own receive special care, as he considers the maintenance of his armor and weapons to be almost like a prayer of thanks and devotion.

Korvas never hides how he feels, mostly because he just doesn’t know how and never saw a reason to learn. He does everything with passion and devotion, and expects everyone to be as devoted to a purpose as he is. He is somewhat of a typical dragonborn in that he sees indecision as a weakness.

Wisps of mist escape from the corners of his mouth when he is irritated and sometimes form ice crystals that cling to the corners of his mouth when he is deep in thought or prayer. He never was very good at cards anyway.

Character sheet and info

Item Wishlist

Champion of Bahamut

Paragon Path options:
Scion of Arkhosia

Epic Destiny options:
Bahamut’s Vessel

Korvas Hammerwing

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