New Discoveries

Termite queen

Traveling through the ear canal, the party cuts their way through several small groups of termites. Ghesh is able to resist the urge of using fire magic when surrounded by wood. At the end of the tunnel is a large cranial cavity. Wooden gears and a fleshy brain inhabit largest volume in this cavity. Surrounding the gears are small groups of termites that are feeding on the strong heartwood that makes up the floor. Eventually the group slashes their way to the queen of this colony. She puts up a good fight, but eventually succumbs to Lunaris’ blade. Sardis decides to fashion a backpack out of her head.

On the way out the party is ambushed by another group of termites. Sardis tries to use the queen’s head as a mechanism to force the termites to surrender. Ghesh can’t resist the use of fire magic any longer. In a split second, Treebeard’s ear canal is on fire. Loud screams of agony reverberate through the tunnel as the giant treant reacts to the burning pain. The party dutifully puts of Ghesh’s flames and then leaves the ear.


After saving the prisoners, Sardis chooses to study the great tree while everybody else chooses to make camp. The next morning, the group finds Sardis sleeping amongst the magic crystals and a bunch of chalk scribble on the wall. Everybody breaks camp and heads back to Mirnan. Carter Quinn listens to the information that the party shares and promises to check in on the Sardite puzzle. In the meantime, Carter offers another job, capture Lord Vaako. Vaako is wanted for several terrorist activities in years prior, and has been eluding authorities in the Timberline Forest. After gathering information and supplies, the party heads out towards Vaako.

While trying to find an ancient ruined tower, the party stumbles upon a treant who seems to be having a painful headache. They cautiously approach him and discover that he has a termite problem. Treebeard begs for help to rid him of these pests. By making up a shrinking potion, the adventurers can enter Treebeard’s ear canal to battle termites. Before helping him though, they need to find Ghostshrooms to make the elixir. Two large grizzly bears block access to the reagent, though the party makes short work of them. Korvas ate well that night.

The party makes their potions and shrinks to the right size. Treebeard lifts them up and dumps them into his ear. From their, the party is on their own…


After licking their wounds from the spiders, the group continues towards Stonehand. They get ambushed by Wilden along the road, attacking from the trees and using forest animal allies. Underestimating their foe, the Wilden all perish.

Eventually the forest path leads to Stonehand, headquarters for the dwarven mining operation. Ulfar Nordek meets the adventurers and decides to discuss the delays after a good night’s sleep. The next morning, Ulfar and the group are conversing when they hear a low rumble from the woods. The run outside to see what is happening, only to encounter a herd of dire boars, charging towards Stonehand. The boars have no problem crashing through the buildings and trampling any fool in their way. Wilden attackers show up behind the boars, hoping to mop the mining town off the map. A fierce battle ensues, and the Wilden are beaten back to the forest.

Knocked out in the stampede, Ulfar wakes up and thanks the group. He presents his prized warhammer, Boulder, to Korvas as thanks. Still battlecrazed, Korvas intimidates Ulfar, wanting to know more about the Sardite that is strewn about the camp. Ulfar, confused by Korvas’ demands, tells the party about how the mining contract is to secretly mine Sardite for Mirnan. The high chancellor, Ulric Alistair, had orders to keep the true activities a secret. The party takes some samples from the wreckage and heads back home.

Passing through Thandol, the party sees signs of a recent attack. Gradak Dragonsbane explains that the Wilden had come out of the woods and attacked the village without warrant. They retreated back to the woods with women and children prisoner. He begs the party to go back into the forest to save them. Sardis negotiates with Gradak to have them accompany them.

Lunaris tracks the prisoners to the edge of the Windshear mountains. A large tree towers over a clearing, where many Sardite crystals protrude the trunk and ground. An alter and cages are nearby, holding the kidnapped prisoners. Wilden stand guard as their holy men are preparing a ritual. The party decides to interrupt their dance with sword and magic. One prisoner is unfortunately lost to the sacrificial blade, though Ghesh makes sure that doesn’t happen again. Sardis frees the prisoners and bids them to escape. A couple of the prisoners run north, towards the great tree, only to trigger a massive discharge of magic energy. Both bodies were vaporized instantaneously.

The adventure begins

Carter Quinn at the Office of National Affairs randomly chose 5 adventurers to investigate the delayed shipment of metal ore from Stonehand. He offered them each 25 gold to report back to him in two weeks. Carter also gave you a map of the known world.

After leaving the city gates, Lunaris spotted 3 humanoid figures pursuing the group. When he shared this with the others, Korvas and Ghesh realized that these men are members of the Red Hand Gang. Everybody took off down a dirt road while Sardis decided to distance himself from the others. The gang members catch up to the group and engage their fleeing targets. The group easily dispatched their foes once Sardis revealed a Punishing Eye.

On the second day outside of Mirnan, the group encountered Orek Thundrig and his caravan destined for the capital city. Orek explained that mysterious woodland creatures have been attacking the mining operations and sabatoging equipment. From the Orek’s description, the group realized that the creatures are Wilden. These creatures are why the shipment has been delayed. Orek encourages the group to continue on to Stonehand to talk to Ulfar Nordek. As the caravan leaves their line of site, Ronin keenly notices a bit of Sardite poking out from under the last covered wagon. Why is there Sardite in the metal ore caravan?

The second and third day passed uneventful until they reached Thandol around dusk. Gradak Dragonsbane meets with the group, but clearly doesn’t like the dragonborn entering his town. After some negotiation, the travellers are able to stay at the local inn while the Hammerwing Brothers sleep outside in the stable.

After leaving Thandol behind them, the adventurers entered into Caladan Forest. The thick trees leave the forest floor dimly lit, even in the noon hour. The party stopped for lunch around a campfire and a quick nap, only to be ambushed by local spiders. A fierce battle ensued, almost everybody suffering from spider poison. The spiders were defeated, though Korvas fell unconscious.

Next up: The final steps to Stonehand. What will Ulfar Nordek have to say about the Wilden?


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