Defender classes

Paladin [PHB] (Str,Cha,Wis) – Paladins are indomitable warriors who’ve pledged their prowess to something greater than themselves. Paladins smite enemies with divine authority, bolster the courage of nearby companions, and radiate as if a beacon of inextinguishable hope. Paladins are transfigured on the field of battle, exemplars of divine ethos in action.
To you is given the responsibility to unflinchingly stand before an enemy’s charge, smiting them with your sword while protecting your allies with your sacrifice. Where others waver and wonder, your motivation is pure and simple, and your devotion is your strength. Where others scheme and steal, you take the high road, refusing to allow the illusions of temptation to dissuade you from your obligations.
Take up your blessed sword and sanctified shield brave warrior, and charge forward to hallowed glory!

Fighter (Weaponmaster) [PHB] (Str;Dex,Wis or Con) – Into the blackest pits beneath the mountains, bent on vengeance and glory, goes the weaponmaster. These warriors form the iron core of any legion. They crash into the teeth of enemy forces, armed with cold steel and grim purpose. They are the mercenaries loitering in taverns between expeditions, the guards who cast a watchful eye over their charges, the weapon masters who elevate fighting styles to lethal arts. The weaponmaster is a fearless warrior, ready to meet any challenge.
Weaponmasters can be found just about anywhere and among any sort of people. A few are gallant warriors fighting for noble causes, while others are calculating mercenaries who draw their weapons only when the pay is right. All weaponmasters, however, are adventurers, ready to face any challenge, to go where glory, plunder, or honor leads them.
Specialized combat maneuvers, or exploits, combined with a dedicated focus on a fighting style set weaponmasters apart from other fighters. A weaponmaster can slam his or her weapon through one enemy to crunch into another or carve a bloody path through enemies in a whirlwind of destruction. Weapons are crucial too, since weaponmasters know how to coax every advantage they can from their tools, and those who use axes fight differently from those who favor heavy blades.
Compared to a knight or a slayer, a weaponmaster focuses on a broader variety of tactics and combat styles. While a knight or a slayer has fairly predictable, though still formidable, abilities, each weaponmaster cultivates a unique blend of specific maneuvers and abilities.
Weaponmasters develop their combat prowess in many different ways. Most have some elementary training to expose them to different weapons and armor. These trainees are often squires, militia, students, and soldiers. Once they’re cut free, they grow their ability through practice and observation. Each battle proves instructive, giving the weaponmaster new insights that might develop into full-blown techniques.

Warden [PHB2] (Str,Con,Wis) – As mountains stand fast against the buffeting wind and trees bend but do not break in the storm, wardens are stalwart protectors who draw on the primal spirits of nature to defend the natural world from those who would corrupt or destroy it. Some wardens use the power of earth and stone to shield their allies from harm, whereas others summon the primal strength within themselves to increase their ferocity and tenacity.
As a warden, you might be the staunch defender of a tribe, chosen by the spirits to be your people’s champion. Perhaps you were visited by spirits at a sacred grove and charged with protecting it against a spreading corruption. You might have been raised by a bear or nurtured by dryads, chosen from infancy to stand fast against nature’s enemies.
Primal power waits in the ground beneath your feet, surges with every beat of your heart, and flows through your lungs with every breath. The world cries out to you, calling for a champion to defend it. Will you heed its call?

Battlemind [PHB3] – As wanderers, mercenaries, and adventurers, battleminds are carefree warriors who seek only to test their skill against the mightiest and most dangerous opponents. Battleminds possess a potent combination of psionic and physical skill, allowing them to use their magic to manipulate and deceive their foes even as their fighting skill lets them carve a swath through enemy ranks. Battleminds tend to be bold and sometimes arrogant, an attitude earned through bringing ruin to enemies over the course of many conflicts.
You might not share your fellow battleminds’ arrogance, but you do have access to an array of combat abilities that let you manipulate, baffle, and defeat your enemies. Your mind is as deadly as your weapon, and with the aid of your psionic magic, your body can turn aside attacks as effectively as a suit of plate armor can.
Let those who would stand against your might quiver in terror when you approach, for you are a battlemind, and supremacy in combat is your birthright.

Defender classes

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